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Sustainable, natural odour control solutions

From very ancient time, Mother Nature has been cleaning and purifying the air from countless cataclysms of nature. It is not just a coincidence that the air we breathe is “sweeter in the bush” than in our own industrial backyard.

Odour Technologies Pty Ltd (O.T.) has recognised this fact and put into practice the great odour eliminating abilities of nature.

We are a Brisbane & New Zealand based, hands-on company involved in very successfully designing, manufacturing, and installing odour neutralisation systems where unpleasant odours prevail.

Our expertise is eliminating mal-odours that exist in Sewerage Pumping Stations, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Waste Compactor Sites, etc. A full range of systems and equipment is available to treat all odour affected situations from small to large, and also includes odour vent caps with our revolutionary Sanitreat range of products.

Because no two odour problems are the same, we evaluate and solve each problem individually. Our dedicated team of personnel are so committed to the task that personal guarantees of success are an integral part of the O.T. operation.

We recognise that low capital cost and more importantly, low running costs are important to both councils and the private sector. The O.T. System has been developed over the past nine years, and to date has been accepted in several hundred situations including more than 50 councils and wastewater treatment organisations.

Our aim is to produce excellent results at an affordable price.

Peter Beetham Director