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Multifunction Odour Warrior

The Warrior 2015V swiftly and completely eliminates odours
passive ground mount filter

Passive Ground Mount Odour Eliminator

Ideal for Rising mains and any other self-aspirating odour sources
VS 4

VS-4 Smartvalve

Continually maintains and protects itself from the rigours of wastewater transfer,

Odour Eliminating Vent Caps

“Breathe easy vent caps” are designed for maximum airflow.

Sustainable, natural odour control solutions

A breath of fresh air is how Odour Technologies’ entry into the wastewater and other odour compromised industries has been described, both literally and figuratively.

The success of our odour neutralisation systems has astounded many academics, engineers and managers, not to mention skeptical wastewater operators.

Odour Technologies manufacture a range of machines which introduce a vapourised blend of proprietary products into odour affected areas such as sewage wet wells and wastewater treatment plant inlet works, amongst others. Compared to more traditional methods of odour control, our systems are much less expensive to purchase and install, and more economical to operate and maintain, and of course produce no noxious deposits to be disposed of.

Our system of eliminating odours takes place at the airborne molecular level. The products we use are derived from proprietary products, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-flammable, non-hazardous and are completely safe for use around humans and animals.

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