Vent Caps

Do your present vent caps breathe or just block the pipes?

“Breathe easy vent caps” are designed for maximum airflow.

  • All PVC long life.
  • Refillable with our “Sanitreat Media”.
  • Long service interval.
  • Full flow “Breathe Easy” design – low resistance.
  • Custom made to suit the need of every situation.
  • Sanitreat is non-toxic, non-allergenic.
  • No harmful chlorines.


  • Odour Caps are made to order.
  • Details of vent pipes are required: Material (pvc, cast, alloy, etc) and Outside Diameter (OD).
  • Sizes to suit from 50mm upwards.

O.T. VENT CAPS are best suited for rising mains and other passive situations.

If used on pump stations, vent caps are best included with an Odour Warrior or Odour Chief Unit.


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